Using start time to track items


I have an event use. My first column is a list of times of day by 30-minute increments. In many cases I have multiple events occurring in the same time increment. Each event has a presenter, a producer, a room. How can I manage across these concurring multiple events? Perhaps duplicate the columns and have event #1, producer #1, room #1; then event #2, producer #2, room #2?


What is your Base structure? What Tables and Fields do you have? And what do you want to achieve? I assume you have a Events table with fields: Presenter, Producer, Room.

What is the problem with assigning the same time interval to several Events?


Hi Elias,

First - thanks for the response! We are just getting started using this tool and I’ve been assigned as the implementer. Attached is the spreadsheet we are working to convert - Executive schedule.

We are upgrading from using a google spreadsheet as AT is more robust and provides opportunities for individual user views based on area of responsibility.

We also have a Master schedule that includes similar headings plus many more. The main column is a list of activities - meals, sessions, set-ups - all the things that occur at events. I’ve also included the Master Schedule csv.

Regarding your question - What is the problem with assigning the same time interval to several Events? - there is no issue with this. Based on this question, and the attached .xls, what should the main field be?



I think you can’t add files by email, maybe you can leave a link.


Here’s the link. []

See Master schedule. The Executive schedule is what we need to parse out into a table. Look at the entry = Mike on Sunday. There are 4 rehearsals he needs to be at. What’s the best way to do this?


I don’t know if I understand what do you want :frowning:

I think you haven a event called Equinix Connect '18. The event has those Activities that you have in the Master Schedule table, isn’t it?

You need to create a Table for every entity: Persons, Activities, Locations (if you want to store data about them, the address), etc. If you link Persons with Activities, you would be able to get an schedule for every Person. You could have a presenters View, and many other examples.

You could also create an Auxiliary Table conecting Persons and Activities, to add a function Field, and any other data you’ll need about that task for that person in that particular Activity. That way you could get every Activity a Person is involved in and Viceversa, even with that additional data: for instance, you could note what type of drink the presenter wants in that activity.

I don’t know if this helps your case, but I least I hope I give you some ideas.


Hi Elias,

Thanks for your assistance.

It seems as though we need to add all the individual rehearsals of the executives to the master schedule, then with all those lines added, we could then link them to other sheets that could include all the other people involved, rooms, etc.