Using Switch formula

I am using the switch formula to have Airtable populate a numerical value into a cell based upon the input chosen from a multiple select option. Prior to this I was typing the amounts in and it was working properly. Now I have set up the switch to populate the cell and it works and puts the correct number into the cell that the formula was pulling data from, But now I receive an error message in the end cells.
Why is this?
The cell the formula was pulling from previous has the same numerical values showing in the cells, it is just being generated by the switch formula instead of me inputting it into the cell.
Thank you for any guidance.

Can you post a screenshot of your data and actually include the formula?

Also check to make sure you didn’t write numerical outputs in quotes. Wrapping numbers in quotes turns them into strings.


The quotes around the numbers was the fix. As soon as I deleted them, it pulled up the data. Thank you so much!!! You are amazing!

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