Using tags but seeing entries for every instance

Hi there,
I’m using tags in a table to create groups for records e.g. ‘homepage’ , ‘landingpage’ ‘checkout’ . In a one to many relationships.

So, for instance, I have a table that has

Observations | Tags
record 1 | Homepage
record 2 | Homepage
record 3 | Landing page

Then in another table I’m seeing

Insight | Observations | tags
Name | record1, record, 2 | Homepage, Homepage

What I want is it to do

Insight | Observations | tags
Name | record1, record, 2 | Homepage

When I do a lookup on the tags on a separate table. What I see is a record with the same tag repeated several times as it is linked to several other records. How can I make it only display an associated tag once rather than for every instance?

Hi @Danny_hearn,

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Instead of Lookup use Rollup and in the Aggregation formula use ArrayUnique


Thank you! that worked perfectly

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