Using today as an argument in a formula


I’ve been searching the forums and the help topics for two days. I’m sure the information is here, and, at this point, I’m just too frustrated to find it. I’m asking you to please not simply link me to the information but to also provide the information in a reply. TIA.

My team is migrating from to-do app to AirTable for a variety of reasons, but one of the (many) ways we are using AirTable is as an extremely glorified to-do list. One base that we use has a “Deadline” field. Another field lists various records as either a “Round” or a “Deadline” (the field is called “Type”).

We are looking for a formula that will give us this: if the “deadline” field is before today, then the “type” field will automatically be changed from “rounds” to “deadline” – dates that are equal to or greater than today would remain as “rounds” (Background: When a record is entered, it is automatically entered as "rounds.)

Every time I’ve tried formulas such as those I would use in Excel or similar to examples I’ve found here, I got error messages essentially telling me that “today” was not a recognised category.

Again, TIA.


Hi Sam

Something like this should do it:

IF(Date >= TODAY(), “Rounds”, “Deadline”)

and as seen in the formula window:

Hope this helps?



Thank you SO much!

When I looked at what you wrote, I said to myself, “I TRIED that!!!” but I clearly did since that worked. Like I said in my OP, I think I just got so inside the problem that I frustrated myself too much instead of being able to take a step back (not to take anything away from your help!)

I really appreciate your assistance!


No problem - we’ve all been there!