Using Zapier to Import Multi Select Fields


I have a form on my website that collects responses on a checkbox question with 6 responses. Because it’s a checkbox, I can get from 0 to 6 different responses. Some entries have one choice, some have three, others have all six. The problem I’m having is when I zap into the multi select field of any of the checkboxes have no value, I end up with blank options imported into the multi select field. I’d love to know if anyone has a better solution for me here.


Try using conditions with your Zap to check if a field is empty…

Another solution would involve you to use the Airtable API for populating your base with the values of your forms.


Hi Chris

You could probably use the Formatter option in Zapier to remove the blanks before sending them to Airtable - this depends, of course, on how your forms app supplies the checkbox values to Zapier in the first place.