Using Zapier to Send an Email, then Update the Same Record

Hi everyone! I am almost done, I just need your help with the last part!

I have a Zap that creates an email draft that sends an invoice when in a certain view. I initiate the process by checking an airtable checkmark, which then applied the invoice to the needed view. Sweet!

AND it’s making the draft email just like I want! Heck yeah!!!

Now, what I want it to do is delay for one minute (no problem) and then update the record that just triggered it by checking a checkbox. Is there a way to easily do this by referencing the record that triggered the whole thing? (This will then remove it from the view, per filter instructions)

Thank you so much for any help!

Hi @Nate_Sheets,

Yes there is a way. When choosing the Update Airtable Record trigger, in the Record fied, choose Custom, use the Record ID from the first trigger (attached is a screenshot for your info). The field where you want the Checkbox to be checked, type 1.

Does that help?


Yes! Thank you so much, Mohamed!

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