UX: When populating a multi-link column, don't close editor


Currently, when you have a “link to another record” there’s a checkbox for whether or not it’s a 1 to 1 or 1 to many relationship. Every time you link a record, the linker window closes (this is especially frustrating on mobile where it’s an extra button press to reopen vs on desktop, where it’s a keystroke). It would be cool if, when “multiple records” is checked, the system guesses that we’re going to be taking advantage of that and doesn’t close the selector after every form submission.

Let me know if I’m describing this clearly or if you’d like more info.



+1 for me. Huge timesaver and user sat metric.


Great idea! I know this would be very useful for me, personally :slight_smile: I’ll pass this feedback along to the rest of the team.


This would be very useful to me as well. Another option would be to provide something akin to an “Add Multiple” feature in the dialog that would allow a multiple selection mode without repeatedly opening and closing the dialog.