Value of Collaborator Field


I want to use the value of the collaborator field in a function to concatenate it with some other values, but Airtable won’t let me call the field directly. Is there a way to return the name?


It should be possible to reference a collaborator field within a formula function. The formula system will use the name of the collaborator as its value.

If you’re still running into issues, please write in to customer support at


Hi, @Matt_Bush. I have just sent an email to the support about that.
Since we provide an email when we add a collaborator (or when we share a base), shouldn’t it be the email the default value of the collaborator field?

I’m talking about that, because you could create a formula and by using the name of the collaborator the formula might be broken if the collaborator change their name. This wouldn’t be possible with the email, for instance.