Vanishing Values


This one has me baffled!

In the table is a record labelled MISC (Project Code) as shown below;

complete with a description of “Fuel for Sea Scouts van”.

If however I prepare a table grouping on the Project Code, other than the numeric values, all the detail is missing. See

This does not happen on any other of the Project Codes in the table.

Any ideas gratefully seized upon.


Could you leave a screenshot of a group that is working well? I think I’m not understanding.


The entire table

and the report which is grouped on Code

As you can see, the description and date are missing from the ‘MISC’ code.line


The group based on “Project Desc” called “Miscellanous” is collapased, the others are expanded. All the group headers shows the same information. I’ve marked them with squares, and pointed the collapse/expand arrow in the closed one:

I was suspecting that but preferred to ask :smile_cat:


Many thanks for that!

I don’t recall collapsing that category but I suppose I must have.

I am a very early stage of Airtabling so I will put this one down to experience!