Various attachment image dimensions via API?

Is there any way to control the image sizes I get served from an Airtable Attachment field via API?

My API docs tell me I can access “thumbnails” in sizes “small” (width 72 on one image), “large” (width 1024 on one image) and “full” (3000 on one image)…


  • “full” is not a thumbnail at all, it’s the source image.
  • “large” is too large.
  • “small” is just too small.

It feels like there’s a missing middle size here.

But it’s not supplied. Is there any way to constrain the size of an output image?

No, you cannot request an arbitrary size from the Airtable API. Airtable isn’t an image manipulation service.

If you want to convert an image to a specific size, you could use a different service, such as Cloudinary, CloudConvert, or any of several other similar web services.

Thanks for the comment.
As feedback to Airtable, of the “thumbnail” sizes offered for output by the API…

  • 72px (small)
  • 1024px (large)
  • 3000px (full)

…I certainly think there is a missing dimension between “small” and “large”. Two of them, “large” and “full”, are not thumbnail-type sizes at all.

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