Vastly Improved Form Question Format Options


Airtable is becoming our standard database tool. So we’d like to use it for surveys.

But the form formatting options are beyond elementary. I’d love to see options that allow for accurate, sensitive surveying, a la Qualtrics.

Thank you!


Have you checked out the Zapier integration? Zapier connects to several top-notch form-and-survey apps (some with incredible customizations) and can automagically add the responses to your base.


I assume the suggestion is to allow layout changes in form view. The most basic example: allow two questions to appear next to each other instead of each and every item listed by itself vertically. An all vertical presentation makes the form look longer and scarier than it is…leading to a lower conversion rate.

Just this one little change would make the form much more user friendly.

John, true one can use one of many form builders but the Airtable form is a great tool and saves so many steps, especially when changes are made.