Vega Lite "Loading..."

The Vega-Lite app never gets past “Loading…” - no JSON.

Any idea how to get this app operational?

per the readme, I suppose I can try creating a new app with the SDK per the Vega-Lite github readme, but this seem rather obtuse :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Anyone know what’s wrong with the app, how to resolve or troubleshoot? Thanks!

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Bumping because me too!

@Kasra as you made the post announcing the release: is this something you guys are aware of?

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@Joseph_O_Toole from a FB group, I’m told it just doesn’t work well with bases that are large/complex :man_shrugging:t3:

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@Joseph_O_Toole & @Kasra,

The problem appears to be browser related. Testing Vega-Lite in my production base, settings do not load in the Safari browser, but the settings load when using the Chrome browser.

Testing Vega-Lite in a new base which only has one table with 4 colmns and ~1000 records.



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My base is also large and complex and I was also using Safari - but switching to Chrome does it for me too! Thanks for letting me know, really appreciate it. :relaxed:

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