Version History, Feature Roadmap & Beta Log


Where can we find status of ongoing/upcoming upgrades? The Airtable “product updates” blog had not been updated since November 2016, and I can’t find anything on version history, future plans, or even posts about the various beta releases (current or otherwise).


Have you seen our What’s new page? We track new features and product updates in the base embedded there. Feature updates and beta announcements are also sent out via our email newsletters.


Thanks for sharing that link. That’s helpful. (But not easy to find!) And though newsletters and the blog and this What’s New table are great, it would be really helpful if all your News were accessible from one place. =)


It seems there is no way to follow updates to Airtable page? Like news feed or something.


Another example of haphazard communication: I received the attached popup notice when I logged into my base this morning, (with AWESOME news about personal views!!!), but I inadvertently closed the window before I had a chance to read the whole thing. I couldn’t find a way to get BACK to the message without logging in as another user.


I had the same experience - and the feature doesn’t appear to be there either!


Have you tried refreshing the page?


Hi Katherine

I was using the Mac App - I have just tried the browser and see that the new features are there but not in the app.



You’ll still need to refresh in the Mac app—cmd+R should do the trick


FYI, to return to past announcements from Airtable:

  1. Click ‘Help’.
  2. Select ‘Contact Support.’
  3. On the left-hand side of the pop-up window, select ‘See your past conversations.’

That should let you go as far back as the ‘Hi! Do you have any questions about Airtable?’ messages from when you first created an account.