Vertical Spacing in expanded view


We are using Airtable in our real estate company as our primare base for storing all these complex data regarding owners, properties, law firms etc etc. When we want to expand a record either directly or clicking on a linked table record, the expanded view takes so long to scroll mainly because of the big spacing. (see attached image). Of course i understand that you have put much more thought and time to take this desicion, But i would like to suggest either reduce the vertical space size or give the option to the user, like gmail has the cosy, comfortable or compact spacing. Some tables contain 30 rows, so in expanded view, takes quite long to reeach teh info. On the other hand, the Grid standard makes has better spacing.


Maybe you could use Views? So you could hide some Fields that you may not use, and they gets stucked on the bottom. I some times use also the Ctrl + F shortcut :sweat_smile:

You mean columns/fields?


views could be one solution.

ps yes i meant fields.