Video Timecode Advanced Support



Love this software. Starting to use it for post-production supervising in film and I was wondering if there were any plans to spruce up timecode support? Right you have duration which does, HH:MM:SS, but it would be great to get HH:MM:SS:FF, and different framerate support as well. Would also be amazing to add, subtract, and convert these values to different framerates. Anyone know of another way of doing this? Was thinking about doing a bunch of formula fields to manually calculate, but I’m thinking I might just use my google sheets script to calculate everything out first.



I would like to amplify this feature request!

I’m an assistant editor in TV and am using Airtable to track VFX shots. The addition of frames to the Duration field would be a HUGE help to my workflow. Just like Sam said. HH:MM:SS:FF with a variety of framerate options.

Thank you!