View Attachment in a block, not a popup

I want to have my attachment open in a block, so I can refer to the attachment AND update data in my record at the same time.

Right now it seems all I can do is load attachment in a popup window, which is good, but when attachment is visible, my base is obscured and I can’t access or edit it - my usecase is to inpout data from the attachment into my base. Very frustrating to have to load attachment into an external viewer when those blocks are right there!

Am I missing something?

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I believe this does what you’re asking.

  1. Add a Page Designer block.
  2. Search for the field with your attachment and select it.
  3. Position the preview image as you see fit on the page.
  4. Add and modify page elements as needed.
  5. Click Done Editing.

Nice one! I had not thought of this approach.

This works for single-page attachments, can it work for multi-page PDF attachments?

Apparently not. :frowning: I agree that would be useful.

Any update here. Require this to avoid the need to open multiple browsers to view the attachment and the record.