View auto number in forms

Hi, just started out on here so please excuse if this is an old topic! I would like to see the autonumber on a form so that when an operative places an order from the form template he is able to provide the supplier with the number. Is this possible or is there another way around this?

Many thanks

Welcome to the community, @andrew_wilson! :smiley: Airtable doesn’t allow any calculated fields to be displayed in forms. This is because at the point the form is presented to the user, the new record hasn’t yet been added to Airtable. The record is only added—and its unique number generated—after the form has been submitted.

Using this knowledge, though, you could create an automation that triggers when a new record is created in the table populated by the form, and emails the supplier with the number of their order.

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Thanks Justin, I guessed this was the case.

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