View Description Become Garbled in Japanese

Hi, Airtable folks!

I’m having a trouble in setting view description.
I am Japanese so I use Japanese alphabet for all of meta settings, such as table names, view names and they work fine. But when it comes to view description, they work fine at first but after a couple of minutes, they suddenly become all question marks like “???”.

Does anyone know why this happens? I need a help!!!

Hello @Hisa_Kizu ,

Adam from Airtable here. I’m sorry that you’ve been experiencing some difficulties.

I ran into this with another customer recently. I’m reaching out internally and will circle back with you as soon as I hear back.

Thanks for your patience!

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Hi @Hisa_Kizu. You should have received an email from me regarding some next steps to take before I file an escalation for this issue. Thanks for reaching out. I will be in touch!

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Thanks for reaching out!

Absolutely! Glad to help… :slight_smile:

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