View description black square

What’s the deal with that intrusive View Description black square that never goes away? It sits on top of the base with “Created by…” information on it. Really hate it. How can it be turned off?

Are you talking about the ridiculous tooltip that shows up when you hover over any of the view names — either in the toolbar or in the view side panel?

It should disappear when you move your mouse away, but yeah, it’s one of the worst UI decisions that Airtable has ever made in their entire legacy of poor UI decisions. It is disruptive, obnoxious, unhelpful, and completely frustrating.

The only thing that any of us can do at this point is to send an email to, and plead & beg them to remove it.

Yes that’s exactly what I’m talking about. It’s enough to make me want to drop the program altogether.
It DOES NOT disappear when you move your mouse away, as I’m sure you are aware.

It disappears for me. If it doesn’t disappear for you, I recommend making a video recording and sending it to support.

Yeah, I’m just here to repeat exactly what @kuovonne said above. Luckily, that tooltip disappears as soon as you move your mouse away. If that’s not happening for you, send a video to support. But also be sure that you’re using a supported browser — they don’t officially support Brave or other “alternative” browsers. They support Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox.

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