View Description - Stop showing the description tooltip toast when clicking or howering over view name

Please add the information icon in the view name to only show the tooltip pop-up or toast, whatever it is called, that charcoal background info window showing the decription, this should only show when I however over the information icon. There should be information icon in the view “tab” the same way as it is on the table tabs and the popup goes on only when I hower over the icon and not show every time I hower over the name of the view, I don’t need to see it every couple of seconds whenever I switch the views.

Same goes for the View configuration menu tab on the top left. The information icon is there but it always shows whenever however over the entire button.

Here is what I mean:


Sorry I have to bump this up because this is getting very annoying.

I have long description for almost every view. Every time I hover my mouse around any of the view, the big description window pops up. I do not want to see it.

Worse than that - sometimes (often) the popup doesn’t go away by itself. Even if I click outside of it, anywhere on the table, even if I click on another view, it doesn’t go away. The only way to get rid of it is to click on another view with another description, so the description window is replaced.

Sometimes I just close Airtable application window completely and restart it. The issue is same on the browse and in the Airtable app.

Just make the popup showing ONLY if I click on that small letter “i” information icon. Add such an icon for the views beside it’s name and that is more than enough. I don’t want that popup showing up.

I am getting anxiety to even come close to those views section to not to trigger the tooltip.

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