View entries from multiple tables at once

I have a small farm and use Airtable to track the animals. I have a table for their basic info (name, dob, etc), one for weights (used every time we weight them), one for any treatment(s) they get, and one to track breedings.

I’d like to be able to have a view where I can pull up an animal by name, then see all the other associated records regarding it from the other tables.

If I pull up animal “Bob,” I’d like to then see his weights and treatments in the same view (by most recent). I’ve tried searching these forums and the web to see if it’s possible, but have come up empty.

This view would normally be used from a mobile device.

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You can use rollup and/or lookup fields to see information in linked records. The order of the information in the rollup/lookup fields will match the order of the linked record fields. Normally new linked records are added to the end of the list, so the data will not have the most recent information first. However, it is possible to reorder the linked records either manually or automatically (if the base is in a pro workspace).

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