View grouped records in maximized format

I’m looking for a solution that allows us to view a large number of records in the same was as groups in views work, but a lot larger in height. Something like this, assuming that “procedure” and “results” have lot of information:
Group A
Procedure A.1 Result A.1
Procedure A.2 Result A.2
Group B
Procedure B.1 Result B.1
Procedure B.2 Result B.2

I looked into Page Designer, but it only shows one record at a time.

Any ideas?

Hi @Pedro_Pais ,

Have you tried the Interface maybe?

With Interface Designer I have to individually select each record. I’d like to be able to just scroll down

You dont have to do that, there are multiple elements that lists records

Can you give me an example, please?

AFAIK interface designer elements that allow listing records don’t show long text fields in a maximized format.
Any other ideas?
I’ve thought of having an automation that creates a very simple webpage, any pointers?

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