View hierarchical data


Any suggestions for viewing hierarchical data? Given there is no tree view yet, any suggestion for a workflow out of Airtable?


You would probably want to to group your data.
You could then keep on expanding the groups to drill down into your data.


Could you give us an example?


Have you played around any with the so-called Org Chart Block? (It’s actually a general-purpose hierarchical view tweaked to be org chart-friendly, but it’s not necessarily limited to organizational charts.)


Thanks for asking.

This is “parts” data, e.g. closet is part of a room is part of a house is a part of an address is part of a city is part of a state is part of a country. Arbitrary depth.


I haven’t played with Org Chart Block yet. I’ll have to looking into upgrading for that I see. Thanks.


Thanks. I’m not sure what I’d group on.


Org Chart Block is exactly what I need — and I can’t justify the $240/yr price tag for it. Thank you very much for the suggestion.