View Only Link Connection to Base

Is it possible to access the Base View after clicking on a View only link? In other words, if I send a “View-Only” link in an email blast to people in and outside of my organization, is it possible for a collaborator to click on the view only link and then easily proceed to the same View in the Base?

I am thinking of a handy “Go to Full View” button that if clicked checks the users credentials and forwards them to the View in the Base.

If this doesn’t exist I’ll move this to Product Suggestions. Thanks!!

Sorry that you haven’t had a response before now. While this isn’t possible directly in Airtable, you could always add a button or link on the site where the view is embedded, and have that button/link take the user to the full view.

True, I could always email two links as well. Or include a whole field with the link created by a formula, haha.

In all truth, the ability to create filtered views in URLs integrated with the right function field is amazing. But that’s a separate issue :stuck_out_tongue:

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