'View Specific' Linked Record Popup Boxes

When clicking on a linked record only one view (the first record in that table’s view list) is available for any linked record of all views in that table.

Id like to request that the popups be specific to the view they are linked to.

WHOS WITH ME?!?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Records aren’t linked to views. They’re only linked to other records. Even if you have the “Limit record selection to a view” setting chosen for the link field, it still doesn’t link to that view. The specified view is only used to narrow down the list of records that are available for linking.

Yet the pop up field order and field visibility formatting will take on that of the first view in the view list. In some way it is pulling the formatting from the first view and following that formatting. Why not have the linked record take on the formatting for the view it is in, or the view in which the records are filtered to rather than only the first view? I’m sure there’s something I’m not understanding, but I’d love to understand.

Correct. That’s the default operation: to use the layout of the first view of a given table when showing linked record details. That’s not because of any special connection between the records and that first view (more on this below). It’s just a choice made by the developers because (guessing) it’s probably the easiest to implement.

Records aren’t tied to specific views. View filters only control record visibility. They don’t create a relationship or connection between the record and the view. Even if they did, that still wouldn’t make the problem any easier to solve because more than one view could show the same record. If View A and View B both have filter settings that make Record 1 visible, which view’s layout should take precedence when displaying that record’s link elsewhere?

Does that make things more clear?