View URL Filter Operator "Contains"

Hello Airtable Powers That Be!

I am sure this has been suggested before, but it would be a HUGE upgrade if the Shared View URL filters had more operators. Right now, I would specifically like to request the “contains” operator.

If we could use the URL filter to check for “contains”, then it could function with Linked Record and look up fields when multiple values are returned. Also, the URL could use a shorthand instead of the full string.

I know you are working on amazing big features like Custom Blocks and Automations, but would love to see this functionality to improve collaboration and communication.


Airtable’s “filter” function already allows you to filter the URL field by “contains”. The URL field gives you all the same filter options that you have for any text field in your base.

I am referring to Shared View URL filters. Filters within the URL of a shared view. I am not referring to filters in the normal interface. I hope that clears it up!

Oh, I see. You’re talking about constructing a URL for.a shared view.

You’re referring to this part of the support documentation:

The only filter operator currently supported by URL filters is equality.

Ah yes, that would be a very nice feature to have — to be able to use “contains” instead of “equals” in the URL.

In the meantime, until that becomes available, you may want to check out — it gives a great web frontend interface to your Airtable database where users can dynamically search through your records, and the searches are “contains” searches instead of “equals” searches. An even more advanced version of would be

Thanks Scott! Both of those apps look great! I have been doing my best to avoid integrations with 3rd parties. So far we have been successful. The only integration that feels extremely tempting is Stacker, because of Airtable’s utter lack of meaningful permissions. I’m really hoping a strong focus on permissions is their next focus after custom blocks and automations.

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You’re welcome! There have been some leaks from some users which have revealed that slightly more meaningful permissions are coming to “shared views” very soon.

However, Airtable’s permissions still won’t be as robust or granular or programmable as Stacker, which is currently the gold standard of permissions for Airtable.

Yes please! I’m running into this problem all the time.