Viewing booked equipment in calendar that has several start and end dates


I have made a table with all our equipment. This is linked to another planning table where I can book the equipment to different projekts.
When the equipment is booked on several projekts the start and end feilds on my equipment table(that also is linked from my planning table) will view several dates.

I’ve tried to do a calendar view based on all the start and end dates. When I do that the calendar will only show the equipment that has one start/end date. The Equipment that has more than one start/end date will not show up in the calendar.

Does anyone have a solution for this? Maybe a workaround with a formula or something?

below is a printscreen of my equipment table:

Thankful for all the help I can get!


Welcome to the community, @Janoshe!

You’ll need to create your calendar from the other table, because each record can only appear once on the calendar.

@Janoshe More specifically, a record can only appear once in a calendar if the base is in a free Workspace. Pro accounts can display a single item on a calendar using multiple date ranges:

Thanks, @Kamille_Parks!

Right, I actually should’ve said each field can only appear once in the calendar, not each record.

Since his dates are all in the same field as part of a lookup field, going to the other table still seems like the solution here.

Thanks a lot for the replies @Kamille_Parks and @ScottWorld!

The problem is that when i do the calendar in the other table (the planning table with the projects that are booked) I will see only the projects in a calender. Not the booked equipment that are linked to the project.

In each project we make we have a tab thats called Booked equipment that is linked to another table (equipment table) where we have all the equipment stored as records.

A print screen of a record made in our planning table showing the linked equipment in the other table that i want to be shown in a calendar.

Thank you so much for trying to help me!

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