Viewing columns on the left


I’m creating a system right now that required a whole lot of data for each row, and the number of columns will grow with time. Currently, and for the foreseeable future, the data structure is more important than the data itself.

Is there a more convenient way to view all of your columns at once? i.e. a list of column types, like this:

  • First name (single line text)
  • Last name (single line text)
  • Email (email)
  • Location (single select)
  • etc

I see us potentially having dozen of questions, so a view like this would really help our sanity. Can it be done somehow?



You can “group” the information by creating new views and hiding fields that are irrelevant to a certain topic you want to focus on.

For example, you’d have a view for questions of Section A. Another view for questions of Section B and so on.


Ah right, what I mean is whether I can view the columns vertically as rows in order to make managing my questions/data set more straightforward