Viewing entire record in form question selection

I’m working on creating a form where businesses can “check-out” equipment they would like to loan from our organization. In the table form, I have created a question that is linked to our database so organizations can look up the equipment they would like. When I select “Add,” I can view the whole record and not just the name of the equipment.

When I go open the form to view how organizations will see the form and select “Add” under the same question, only the name of the equipment shows up and not the whole record.

Is it possible to view the whole record in the public form view?

Airtable won’t allow me to include images or links in my post.

Hi @Mystie_Rail,

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There is no way to do what you are asking for directly.

However, what you can do is add a View Only link to the table that has the equipment full data (picture, etc.) in the question description. So before they select the equipment, they can check this table.


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