Viewing Google Sheets in Airtable


Hello all!

So I am new to Airtable and I have to wonder where it has been all my life. Totally amazing. So forgive me if this is a stupid question, I tried to search for a similar Q but came up empty.

I have a library of Google Sheets that I reference for pricing. When I add one as an attachment to a base row, and click on it afterward, Airtable “sees” it as a Box document and an XLSX. I am unable to do anything but view and/or download the XLSX file.

I have enabled Google Drive integration and I was hoping that I would be able to click through to the original .gsheet file and edit it in Google Drive, should I need to. But Airtable doesn’t seem to recognize the .gsheet as a Google Drive file. I have tried attaching the .gsheet as a generic upload and also as pasting its url, but that doesn’t work either. Just wondering if this is something Airtable can do with the basic Google Drive integration, or if I need another service to do this?

Again, I’m not looking to bring the sheet into Airtable, most of the time I just need to view it and sometimes I would like to open and edit the original without leaving Airtable. But perhaps this isn’t possible? Thanks in advance!


I’m not sure that this is possible, thought you should be able to import the document from google sheets as a CSV file, and dump the contents into an Airtable table.

I don’t know if that helps.


I was wondering the same thing. I thought if the files synced, then I could edit the Sheets offline (since Airtable doesn’t offer that). And then the corresponding documents would update once I got back to the internet. The closest alternative to this I’ve found is to use IFTTT. You’ll still need to do the manual labor of initially creating a sheet in both platforms, but if you make any changes (say the pricing needs changes due to the market), then your Airtable version of the document will also update. Sorry I don’t personally have a better solution.


Hey Tonyska,

Super late but just stumbled upon this and think I have a solution.

If you’re on a Pro plan you can use the .CSV Import block to turn your Google Sheets into workable Airtable data. Just export as .csv from Sheets and import back into Airtable. Depending on your setup you’d probably want to create a new table for the pricing data set and link back to that from your other tables.

Hope that helps.