VIEWS for whole BASES

Would be super helpful to have different ‘Views’ available for the same Base. I want to add more and more different tables to a Base, so i can have all the data linked together, but I never need to see access to ALL Tables ALL the time. With a lot of Tables, it gets confusing, time consuming and hard to use the tiny little slider up to to scroll through heaps of tables. Just how having views for different Tables allows the same data to act as two or more different Tables, i think the same would be true for Base Views. I find myself wanting to Create whole new Bases to limit the amount of Tables i have to scroll through, but loose the ability to link data. At the moment i just organise to either the Left or Right, or Middle, but that is clunky.

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I second that. We have more than 20 tables for the same base and scrolling or even reordering is a pain. A second ribbon row would be helpful.

Thank you