Views in shared bases

I was wondering if it is possible that if a collaborator filters a list, then the rest of the collaborators do not get their lists filtered when they access the base. Would getting a paid version solve this problem?

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All views are the same for all collaborators. If someone makes a change to a view, that change is seen by everyone.

If you’d like, you can “lock” a view — which will make it a little bit harder for people to make changes to that view, because they’ll have to click on the “unlock” button before they can change it. And they will be presented with the reason for why you locked it in the first place.

But, the best long-term solution is probably to simply create an additional view. Just create another view for that collaborator, and they can even make it a “personal” view for themselves, which would prevent anyone else from changing it except themselves. They can also choose to make it a “locked” view.

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