Views Sidebar Suggestion: Groups

All - I have seen this suggestion before but since the Views sidebar functionality is being currently developed - I thought would ask. It would be great to have collapsible groups in the Views panel. Thanks Jonathan


That would be awesome!!

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I also love the ideas of the icons. We already have icons based on type of view but having a custom icon (either choosing from the Airtable icons or from emoji) would be a great way to signify uses for different views apart from basic functionality. I currently use emoji in the actual title of the view sometimes but having it built in would be nice.

(Does anyone else think of the “grid” view as more of a “table” or “spreadsheet” view. I know that they’re called tables but “grid” doesn’t seem natural to me. I digress.)

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Yes, please may we have folders for views in the sidebar. I have hundreds of views that are necessary for my business and it would simplify my sidebar so much if I could sort them into folders (or groups).

We absolutely need folder groups for views. This is CRUCIAL!

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