Visible fields when opening a record from a linked field

Hey there, I have a question:

When I open a record through clicking on it in a linked record field, what determines the order and visibility of fields that I see on the record? I often see fields that aren’t helpful for me, and I wonder: what do I have to do to make sure that certain fields are visible and appear at the top of the record?

Thank you!

Confusingly, it always pulls from the very first view in the linked table.

Ah, thanks. I could swear I tried this out. Does this interact somehow with the visibility settings of the views? Let’s say the first view is a personal view of another person, for example. Does it pull from that view? It seems to pull from the first view if it is my own personal one.

I’m not sure about that. My guess is that it would only pull from the first view if it is visible to you, but I’m not 100% sure. (You can choose whether to show or hide other people’s personal views.) Perhaps you can test this out and let us know!

Ok, I probably should have done that to begin with. From experimenting now, it seems to always take the first view, irrespective of the visibility settings. So if the first view is someone else’s personal one, it takes that view, no matter if I have the setting to show other’s personal views enabled or not.

Definitely good to know. Thanks for the hints!

Thanks for testing this! Wow, that’s really good to know, and it’s extremely unintuitive. Sadly, Airtable doesn’t have much logic or common sense built into the app, as it is an extremely rudimentary platform.

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