Visual history for deleted rows


I like that I can see what changes have been made in a records.

However, I lost a ton of rows and I don’t know why. There should be a way to see what has been deleted and by whom (or what, in the case of deletions by way of api).


Implementing a base-level history feature (which would allow you to see an overview of all changes made to the entire base) is something that’s already on our roadmap—would that solve your problem?


Seems like it would. Would it be a log of all changes?


We’ve had a number of requests from users who want to be able to see, at a high-level, all the changes that have been made to a base—this would almost certainly include which rows have been deleted. We’re still working out the design side of things, so we would greatly appreciate any specific feedback you might have about what you would want to see in a feature like this.


Maybe a readonly airtable table that is a log of changes and deletions with master/detail where the detail page has all of the data before and after change/deletion. Eh?


I’d also love to see a Base-level audit history.

In my case, this really important in a collaborative situation.

If you have a Base with multiple Editors, currently I can’t see what those Editors have changed since the last time I looked at the Base. Ideally I’d like to see:

  • A full ‘Audit Log’, which would be a time / date ordered list of all changes that anyone has made on the Base since its creation. This could be similar to the existing Record-level visual revision history, but aggregated to Base-level

  • A filterable ‘Audit Log’. Similar to above, but where you could sort / filter by Base User. Perhaps the ‘Audit Log’ could be implemented as a ‘table’, with each record being a specific change. The all of the existing table-level tools (filter, sort, group, etc) couple be utilised to look at the data. But this ‘table’ shouldn’t count against the Base’s ‘records total’ from a cost/license perspective.

  • Some sort of snapshot ‘compare’ feature. It’s great that snapshots are available, but how would you know what’s changed between now and snapshot ‘x’?

I hope this is still on the roadmap (I can see that this was an old thread, but I didn’t want to start a new one, as the need is very similar).


Is this feature still on planning? we are trying to setup airttable for our team, and this is one of the concerns we bumped into, please update.


Definitely another +1 for this feature. :slight_smile: Thanks!


Any updates on this feature request please?

A high-level or base-level revision history overview is important for collaborative work, especially for CRM purposes.


+1 for this feature. Thanks!


+1 too. Any news about this feature ?


+1 for us as well - snapshots seem like they fulfill the need to guard against data loss but seeing who deleted records would be super helpful


You’ve asked for use cases. I’d use a visual history by looking at how many times I’ve changed the date on a row. I have an Actions table, with a date field, which I view through the calendar view. I love the ability to shuffle around Actions around my calendar. However, I’ve realized that if there is an Action that I just keep shuffling around, perhaps I need to break that Action down into smaller Actions or decide whether or not I’m going to do it. So, my proposed use case would be to colour the Action in increasing shades of Red depending on the number of times I’ve changed the date in the last two weeks.


+1 Yes very interested in accessing an audit trail to view deleted/changed items without needing to look in each record. This is an incredibly high priority for our team.


We track our project statuses from intent to award, but we only show the current status to keep our information clean. However, we would be interested to track the progression of a project from the beginning - a change in the project name, contributors, costs, notes, dates, etc. without having to scroll through each record history. I don’ want to have to add a date/status column combination every time it updates.


Count me in!
It would be very useful.


As far as I can tell, there’s currently NO way to track a deleted record, is that correct?

Each record in our table represents an event (we’re a photo booth company) and today one was missing. The only way I could solve it was by going into the trash and restoring 3 deleted records from the past several days. All I could see was who deleted a record and when, not the specific records deleted. 1 of the deleted records was the missing event, which was mistakenly deleted, and the other 2 were blank records.

The most frustrating thing was that none of the restored records had anything in the revision history about being deleted, so I have no idea how it happened, who was responsible, or how to prevent it from happening again in the future.

In conclusion, here are 2 suggestions that would help our team immensely:

  • When restoring a record from the trash, let the name of the record be visible
  • When records are deleted/ restored, show in the revision history