Visualize how long a card has been in a stack (Kanban view)


I am using the Kanban view to follow the application process of my students.
I would like to see on every card how long this card has been in this stack to quickly see if a card has been in a stack for too long.
And if possible, I would like to be able to quickly see on a card if it has been move rencently in this stack (with a different color for this card for exemple).
Do you know if it is possible to do this ?
Thanks !

Hi Olivier,

yes, this is possible. There is a field type called “Last modified time”, for which you can specify to which field it shall apply. That shows you how long a card has the same status (Kanban boards just being a different visualisation for the single select / dropdown field).

For the second part: You could create a color based on conditions. The condition would again be based on the “Last modified time” field. As an example: Apply color green IF Last modified time is less than 3 days.

Hope that helps!


Thanks ! Helps a lot
I used this formula :

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