Vlookup Style Search in the Same Table


I have a table of tasks that looks something like this:

Task Name	Owner	Deadline	Dependencies
Task1 		Ashley	3/2/2018 	none
Task2 		Bill 	3/4/2018	Task1
Task3 		Cody 	3/5/2018 	Task1

I want to add annother column called ‘Dependency Deadline’. For Task2 and Task3 the Dependency Deadline should be 3/2/2018. The goal here is to flag a task that has a deadline before one of its dependencies. I’ve tried using the lookup feature but it requires a Link to a different table, not the same table.

In excel this would do the trick:

Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

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As best I know, you’ll have to use a second table. This second table will have only a single record, but every record in your main table will need to link to it——

Actually, it’s essentially the same method as described in this reply from a couple of days ago. (My apologies; I’m feeling a little lazy today.) The specifics will be a little different, of course — but here’s a demo base that implements what you need. The only change you’ll need to make to your processes is that whenever you create a new record you’ll have to link it to the [Dependency] table. That’s a two-click action: Click 1 on the plus sign in the {Link to Dependency} field; Click 2 on the single field in [Dependency].

If you have any questions, please ask!