Vlookup type function in air table


I am trying to perform a vlookup type functionality from excel in airtable. Here is what I am trying to do:

My setup

  • I have a table called buildings and table called tasks.
  • My tasks are associated to buildings
  • My tasks have a step type, either “Step” or “Milestone”
  • My tasks have a process step like “Data”, each process step has one “Milestone”
  • My tasks have a completion date

What I am trying to do
On my buildings table, I would like to:

  • Find the “Completion Date” for a given “Milestone” for a given “Process Step” for a given building

While not exactly a one-to-one implementation, in excel I would use a vlookup or a match + offset function to accomplish this.

Is something like this possible in Air Table?