Volunteer Time Tracking


I am managing about 150 volunteers who can work in 5-6 different roles. We have a “master base” that lists all volunteers and all the categories they fill. It’s easy to sort this list into different views by role, but I want to create a means (probably via a form) where volunteer time can be entered for about 75 projects each year and produce up to date time by volunteer by role. Some volunteers work multiple roles and most work multiple times over the season.

I’m pretty sure this is not really that hard to do, but I’m having difficult time getting my head wrapped around it, and have not found anything in the shared template file that matches what I’m up to (yet). I’d rather not work with a 3rd party app, it’s difficult enough to transition our folks to on-line reporting as it is. If anyone is doing something similar, I’d love to learn from your experience.



Perhaps something like this base: https://airtable.com/shrMDQuy2tuhkeZNP
You can add a time entry using this form: https://airtable.com/shrHrbm0TlSaIExaV
I hope that works for you!


Thanks Richard! A real help to get me off of TDC.
Finally getting the hang of this thing


No worries. I hope it works for you.
I saw your question on the forum and I thought I’d give it a quick go on my lunch hour :slight_smile:


You may find my base in the Airtable Universe helpful (it’s about tracking people’s time against projects):

Hope this helps.


I am trying to figure out if Air Table can assist with volunteer sign ups for various schedule options.

The links in the above comment look promising but I’m not able to access them due to privacy. Is it possible to see them?

Thank you, I’m very much a newbie,


Please email me at catalano.cosmo@gmail.com