Want to be able to quickly show and hide FILTERED fields in bulk rather than one-by-one

Want to be able to quickly show and hide FILTERED fields in bulk rather than one-by-one.

I follow specific discipline when naming my fields. It allows me to quickly filter fields by criteria.

However, currently it is not possible to show or hide all filtered (searched) fields. It is possbible to show or hide fields in the database, but when the search filter is applied, the Show / Hide buttons dissapear.

I suggest to keep the buttons there and allow me to quickly mark “all filtered fields” in the search filter and then allow me to press buttons Show or Hide to show or hide them quickly in bulk.

It will mean saving a lot of time. Imagine when you have 200 fields and you need to show 20 of them so now you have to keep clicking and scrolling 20 times.

Here is picture of what I mean:

Hey there,

This is something you could do with the On2Air Amplify app. You can create custom record views and custom layouts.

You can create specific layouts for switching between. Each layout can be set with different fields displayed or hidden.



Looks helpful. If I understand correctly, that solution allows to quickly reconfigure the view (the selection of visible fields in the view), correct? If that’s the case, then for the scenario you describe this is useful.

So for my task I want to quickly filter fields starting with AAx… and make them visible. All other fields hidden.

What I am describing is to do this only once or twice if needed. I would not need to save such configuration for a later use.

Let’s say I am looking to fix a fomula and I want to quickly show all related formulas. The main fomula name is AA_1 field and the related field is AA_2 etc.

Next time I may go and lookup other fields e.g. fields ZZ_ who knows.

Most people have no issue going through a few fields, but with many fieds in the database, it’s hard to manually do that. This would be done one-time only in my case, so no point of saving such a configueated laoyt for a view for a later reuse.

From what I see, the solution is to configure these setups and switch between them. Maybe I didn’t notice it in the videos, but from what I see, it wouldn’t quickly allow hiding all the fields I have filtered , that is hide all fields starting with AA*.


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Yes, you can add multiple blocks inside a layout with each one displaying or hiding the fields you want for a record.

Or you can create multiple layouts with multiple blocks to do the same thing.

You can create layouts based on views so it’s pre-filtered.

It’s as quick as it can be since you really never need to save the settings anyway.

You can try it out to see if it works for you. Just add the App to your base in the App sidebar. Feel free to reach out in the chat support if you have some questions when setting it up.

I’ll take a look. Thank you.

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