Way to Filter Items Shown in Linked Table Field?


I’m using AirTable for project management. I have a table that has all of my projects. One of the fields is a tasks field which shows the individual tasks (linked record from the tasks table) which are associated with that project. Is there a way for me to filter which tasks show up in this tasks list? (e.g. if I want to show the remaining open tasks)


I have what sounds like a similar base, among the tables are one for projects and one for tasks.

I tend to “work” in my tasks table where the task are linked to project via lookup. I have a “done” tick box and use that to filter out completed tasks in appropriate views.

I have a view in my tasks table grouped by the project name from lookup and with the Done tick box filtered so i get a view of active tasks per project.

My use of Airtable is I’m aware basic, others might have more advanced methods.