Ways to display calculations to public viewer in real time?

I have built a form that we can send to customers to spec a custom bicycle wheel. It works fine for them to enter the details of what they want us to build, then makes life easier on our end as the database computes the price of the wheel. I would like to be able to show this computed price at the bottom of the form, but all of the searching I have done has indicated that computed fields are not available for forms. Does anyone have suggestions on other ways to show the total cost to the user? We can of course email them a copy of their entry and add a price, but that is slow and does not allow the customer to play with options and see how they will affect the price in real time.

One way would be to build a custom form using HTML and hook it up with the Airtable API with some code.
And using the Airtable API you can retrieve the computed price from your base and display it on your custom form.

Thanks for the suggestion. I was hoping to find something that didn’t require coding, but all signs point to that being unlikely. Looks like I need to take a crash course in developing web apps.

You might be able to use a third-party form tool like Jotform, which has more interactive features than Airtable’s built-in forms. I’m not 100% sure that it has the ability to calculate a total based on other field input, but it’s worth a look.

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