Webhook automation data sorting from different forms

i have two forms named form A and form B in two different pages and on airtable when the webhook is received, i need to run a script to check whether the data is coming is either form A or form B( either by form name or by hidden field).
Am new into this and am not able to run the script functionality using this. am confused about data fetching. Could anyone please help how to update script code to check conditionally which form is submitted when a webhook is received?

Hey @SNM! Welcome in!

This is a rather interesting question. If you’re receiving a webhook, I would recommend that you take a look at the payload that you’re catching for data that can be used to identify the form that has been submitted.

If you can find a constant that identifies the form, then you can use that to write a quick formula that will indicate where it came from.

Take a look at the payload and let me know if you can identify anything.

I’ve never looked into this before, so there might be something that’s right in front of me, but that’s where I would start.

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It’s difficult to provide guidance concerning your code without seeing your code.

@Ben.Young is right - the payload sent to your automation Webhook should have a field indicating the source of each update. From that, you simply test that value to determine which branch of the automation script to execute.

Bottom line - there has to be a way to infer the origin of your calls to a single webhook listener.

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Hi @Bill.French and @Ben.Young
Thank you for your kind response. The issue got solved.

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