Webhook from Typeform

I send the form results through a Webhook to Airtable Automations and somehow, I can’t see all the data in the Airtable variable. For example: choices. Can someone help?
The original JSON is pretty long but less than 100kb.

Attached part of the JSON:

User-Agent: Typeform Webhooks
Content-Type: application/json
  "event_id": "01F2RCN9Q5F24TTF2MY2G4FAB8",
  "event_type": "form_response",
  "form_response": {
    "form_id": "gfSaLT",
    "token": "tc3nuwsqelb7q8a5m82tc3n7nkr9a5zc",
    "landed_at": "2021-04-08T09:21:44Z",
    "submitted_at": "2021-04-08T09:22:54Z",
    "hidden": {
      "interviewee_id": "123123",
      "interviewee_name": "My NAME"
    "definition": {
      "id": "gfSaLT",
      "title": "Pre-Interview Form",
      "fields": [
          "id": "e2Hswr4jWPs1",
          "title": "תמונת פרופיל",
          "type": "file_upload",
          "ref": "a1c008b2-7a9c-42bc-9a6c-6e9afcb935a4",
          "properties": {}
          "id": "zlMjlSMVYHPt",
          "title": "חודש התחלת התמחות",
          "type": "multiple_choice",
          "ref": "88d83a7a-4526-46b6-8da3-06fddb76366c",
          "properties": {},
          "choices": [
              "id": "bTSjxi2p2oOw",
              "label": "מרץ"
              "id": "fsBvpd9EXXS7",
              "label": "ספטמבר"

The automation response:
“success”: true

Thanks in advance,

From what I recall hearing from others re: the behavior of Airtable webhooks, the JSON can’t have nested properties. Everything must be at the root level of the original object, with nothing nested (e.g. you can’t have an object that contains an array of other objects). Because Typeform nests the structure several levels deep, it might not be a viable solution.

Someone recommended Cognito Forms to me the other day, and I ran a quick test that confirmed that it works fairly well with Airtable’s webhook automation trigger. Admittedly I didn’t do a very deep test, but it’s worth investigating.

Correct. The only response that Airtable is going to give you is whether or not the webhook call was successful; i.e. did it get through? It’s not going to give you any feedback on the readability of the submitted JSON data on Airtable’s end.



Everything that @Justin_Barrett said above is fantastic advice!

Additionally, if you want to stick with TypeForm, you can just use Integromat to process your TypeForm form and send all of the data — including any nested data — into Airtable:


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