Webhooks for Records


+1 using airtable with gatsby and need to rebuild the gatsby site when a row is added


+1 here. Looking to replace a number of other CRUD/UI’s. Would like to use airtable but can’t.

I would add the webhook feature to the PRO subscription. Game changer :slight_smile:


+1. This would be incredibly useful. It would instantly make me subscribe at the PRO level.


+1 Please this is a must for my organization, we’re considering moving to airtable but this is clearly a must have feature.


+1 for webhooks. It would be a gamechanger.


+1 for webhooks. But we can deal with that by using Zappier Email Integration + MailParser.io


Another vote for webhooks. Real bummer that this is not already available. Also would be nice to see someone from Airtable respond here.


Agreed. At this point I am forced to utilize Airtable as a cute presentation layer only for calendaring my team’s release schedule. If I could actually update content in Airtable and trigger updates to core systems (Salesforce and JIRA) via Zapier I would be set.


+1 for webhooks.

Would like to post to Slack when a record is updated, like closing a sales opportunity, to inform the team and celebrate. Would get a lot more usage out of Airtable then.


+1 definitely this is a must. Please start working on this!
Without webhooks, Airtable for me is like a beautiful car which I can’t drive.


@Milan_Kosir said it best: a beautiful car I can’t drive.

The instant boost in power that Airtable would have with update support on Zapier would be enormous. I’m literally just waiting to flip the switch (and pay for Plus!!).


Wait…what? There are no webhooks for responding to record updates?!

Sigh. So is the current best practice polling from an external service? That won’t work in the long term, but if webhooks are in the pipeline, polling could work for awhile as we get our MVP up and running.

TL;DR—:heavy_plus_sign:1️⃣ for webhooks @Airtable_Team :nerd_face: :grey_exclamation:


Fwiw, I just found this bullet point in my API docs under “API ROADMAP”:

  • “Receiving notifications about changed records.”

Hard to say whether that’s going to be implemented via webhooks, but at least it’s a reason to remain hopeful. That and the design and implementation quality of the product so far; they’re definitely capable of getting this right. :crossed_fingers:


Also, Matt Bush from Airtable did say they’re working on webhooks here (in June 2017 :flushed:): Last Modified Timestamp

Given how long people have been clamoring for these foundational features (created/modified timestamps and webhooks), it would be fabulous if someone from AirTable could chime in briefly to explain what the holdup is. It’s hard to believe that a team capable of creating something so great is incapable of tackling these features.

In other words @Airtable_Team | @Airtable_Admin | @Airtable_Support, I think I speak for many of us here when I say that a) we’re super supportive of you guys, and b) that support is hard to maintain without timestamps and webhooks. :grimacing:



I take the lack of response from Airtable since the message on June 2017 as “this is a lot of work” and perhaps “it’s more complex than we originally thought” :slight_smile:

Which is a completely fair position.

Once it is implemented, webhooks for changed records has the potential to be a game-changer for Airtable, and if done well, could massively open up the types of systems and solutions that can be developed on the platform.


+1 Would love to see Webhooks also.


Any update from admin on where the state of webhooks is? Would love to use webhooks also. I assumed (unfairly) that airtable would have them before joining :frowning:


I wanna do some calculations whenever a row is added… I can either ask airtable every 10 seconds, or airtable can simply notify me… I need webhooks


Looks like this might be in the works.

Here are a few things that we’ll expose in the API shortly:

  • Transparently creating new multiple choice options when you update records.
  • Querying for recent changes.
  • Receiving notifications about changed records.


I hope it means “webhook” and not “Send yourself an email when a record changes.”