Webhooks for Records


Adding a plus one to keep this on top


+1! This would push it over the edge and make it that much easier to justify switching. The one thing this application is kind of lacking is automation and that would get this that much closer to that!


+1 bump! Any updates on webhooks?


+1 I love airtable and would love to use it as a true backend


+1 Definitely would love to use Airtable for more of my clients, but webhooks are SO necessary.


+1! Much like the ‘last modified’ feature request, I’m hopeful my additional vote here pushes this one over the edge after 2+ years.


+1 for webhooks. They would be super useful


+1 just started heavily using Airtable and was wondering if constant polling with the best practice for custom integrations based on record creation/updates…webhooks would be much easier


This is one of the major things needed here I think. It would also help reduce the amount of API requests people do to check the state of records.

Any idea when this might be enabled @Airtable @Airtable_Support


Another +! for webhooks


Would love to use Airtable but I just can’t without webhooks


+1 for webhooks !
I can’t use airtable without that…
Thanks for the awesome work


and also webhook based zapier triggers which are pretty delicious


This would make Airtable into a serious tool for us.