What am I doing wrong with this simple nested IF?

I’ve tried copying and adapting examples from this forum (many thanks all to those who contribute!) and I’ve tried writing formulas from scratch… nothing seems to work!

I’m using a very simple base to record my daily step count. I have a field called “Steps” and I want to include a quick visual indication of what my step count is for the day (actually, I’ll be using icons, but it’s simpler to include words in my example).

“No comment”

Hi @Greg_Gillet1, I believe this might work

IF(Steps>19999,“Yay”,IF(Steps>9999,“OK”,“No Comment”))

Thanks, Nathalie. Looks like it should work, but I’m still getting: “Sorry, there was a problem saving this field. Invalid formula. Please check your formula text.”

That’s unfortunate as this should work. My memory isn’t the greatest these days, but I vaguely remember something about the quotations and how it is different in various parts of the world.

Try this (no guarantees) --> IF(Steps>19999,‘Yay’,IF(Steps>9999,‘OK’,‘No Comment’))

Here’s a sample base with the formula. Maybe it will shed some light.

Nathalie - thank you SO much! Copying your formula from the forum still didn’t work, but copying your base and THEN copying the formula out of the field into mine DID work.

I wonder if it was something to do with having some (not so) smart quotation marks?

Anyway, I will watch out for this in future.

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