What am I doing wrong?

Here is my formula

IF({Dept} =Bath, “8.5”, IF({Dept} =Win, “10”, IF({Dept} =ODL, “0” ) ) )

My objective - if field “Dept” is Bath then 8.5, if it is Win then 10, if it is ODL then 0

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You need to put quotes around your text strings and not the numbers. You can also use SWITCH instead of nested IFs.

SWITCH( {Dept},
    "Bath", 8.5,
    "Win", 10,
    "ODL", 0
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I apologize - this is probably a dumb question… do I need to take spaces out. If I copy and paste I get an error.

Looks like some curly quotes snuck in when I was typing on my phone. I straightened them. You can try copy/pasting again.

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