What happened to adding new records to a linked table?


Has anyone else suddenly lost the ability to add a new record to a linked table?
This seems to relate to the recent update for limiting record selection to a limited view.
In grid view my users used to be able to click on the + button in the linked cell to select a linked record and then add a new blank record from there. Now they can only see existing records.


I’ve not seen that — but is the primary field of your linked record a calculated value?


Yes pretty much all our pk use auto number.
Almost all our linked fields are also multi record


After trying a number of different combinations of filtered views and calculated primary fields, I can’t get Airtable to block me from creating a new linked record — even when the view is filtered to hide any record containing a value automatically inserted into the primary field. You should probably contact Support directly…


Thanks again.
Interesting, the problem doesn’t present in the phone app. (Predominantly we open in Chrome).


Does your view have records grouped by a calculated field? If so, create a new view without groups and you should be able to create new records. Otherwise, I’m not sure what your issue is.