What happens to linked fields when I add records

I have a table titled “BIO” where I’ve made records for each player on a football team. I also have a “REPORT CARD” table that includes a record for each player and a field for each player’s grade and a field for the players GPA dependent on their grades. This GPA is used as part of a disciplinary points system for the team. Points are stored in a separate “POINTS TRACKER” table.

I’ve created a ZAP so that when a new record is added to the BIO table, a new record for that specific player is also added to the other tables.

My problem is this: I used a linked field to connect the REPORT CARD and POINTS TRACKER tables. This allows me to pull that GPA score into the points tracker to be used to calculate a points system score for each player. However, when I add a new record, this linked field does not update the linkage for the new record. Any tips are appreciated!

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If you could post some screenshots of your different tables, that will help us guide you!

Thank you so much for this response. I have actually been able to work around the problem by adding an additional command to my zap that’s already in place. I will reach out if I have any more troubles.

On another note, my husband’s football team uses a points system to hold their players accountable. It’s a rather complex points system, so I’ve developed a series of tables to track that info. However, they want to reset the points on a monthly basis. Is there any way I can filter my data just for a particular month, and have that data update across all tables? (For example, if I have a list of teacher referrals accrued from each player, I can add how many referrals total they have, but I cannot add only those that accrued in March. I can create a block for this, but I wish that block was a table because the data communicated by the block is used as part of each player’s overall points tracker total.) I haven’t come up with a work-around for this yet, except to create a workspace with a different database for each month of their program. That way, their info from previous months is stored, but “reset” for each new month.


Yes, you can filter a list of records by whatever date criteria that you would like. Take a look at the “filter” option to filter your list of records by the date range that you want.

After you have finished filtering your list, you can use the Batch Update Block to update all the records in your filtered list with a certain value for a certain field (or, in your case, you can just clear out the value in a certain field).

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